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To be Light in the darkness. To bring Hope to the lost and broken. To bring health, growth & unity in the body.


Bring change, convey Jesus, care for others, live in community, reach the unreached, Restore brokenness.


Worship, Holiness, Witness, Prayer, Fellowship. To know God & make Him known!

Full 18 YWAM Foundational values


YWAM is huge! There are many parts of the body all over the world, in all realms of society.

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If you don't have a definite call to stay where you are, than you are called to GO!
- Keith Green,
The next question is where to start.
Through this school, DTS, I am forever changed, I am ruined for the ordinary life.
- DTS Student,

Training - Get involved!

This March 26th 2018, Join us for a sailing DTS in Croatia!



Half  a year set aside to let God use you in any way he can

Full description here


We want to take you on a summer adventure with Jesus

2 weeks packed with teaching, training, and outreach.

If this sounds like something you want in your summer holiday, contact us HERE and we will put you on the list!

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Open door seminar enClick image for more. 

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Open Door Seminars - Podcasts



20€ Basic
  • One-time gifts for street ministry
60€ Plus
  • Three one-time gifts for street ministry
200€ Ultimate
  • Ten one-time gifts for street ministry

Bank Transfer to CZ (Kroner)

For transfering CZK (bank in the Czech Rep.): – within the Czech Republic Account #: 4931910/8030 – from other countries: IBAN: CZ52 8030 0000 0000 0493 1910, BIC: GENOCZ21 Swift: RZBC CZ PP

Bank Transfer to German Acc (Euro)

For transferring EURO (bank in Germany): – within Germany: Konto Nr. 2623340, BLZ: 781 615 75 – from other countries (including the Czech Rep.!): IBAN: DE47 7816 1575 0002 6233 40, BIC:GENODEF1WSS


Unity Among believers

Finding ways to bring churches together to reach their city.

Human Trafficking & Sex Trade

Getting out on the streets where the people are and expressing God's love


English Teaching/ Conversation

This often happens over a cup of something hot and tasty, and is a great way to meet people and students that are searching for the truth (Jesus)



Everyone deserves to have the full gospel available to them. We are committed to teaching and discipleship in all areas of human life. Even the uncomfortable ones


Sports & Recreation

Another great way to get to know people and point them to their creator



We believe every person is either on their way to Jesus, or away from Him. We want to meet people where they are and point them in the right direction


Are you ready to Join the adventure!


our team

Jonina Garrett


Simeon Garrett


Gabriel Nsowa


Luke & Magdalena Tiehen

Team leaders

Jana Ježková

Mat Vallo

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'There are more people who have the opportunity to go on DTS, but less who obey in faith and hope'
- DTS student,

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