The history of this city, as well as the current political situation of the country this city is the capitol of, are very very complex. Very confusing. Frustrating. Helpless. Really?

We had the opportunity to spent two months loving on the people of this city with several other disciples in training. It was wonderful and absolutely eye opening to the impossibleness of this country’s problems. Yet, more than ever before or anywhere else, I realized that Jesus IS the only answer to the hurts of this world.

Politicians and governments, religious leaders, well meaning humanitarians, all of these have come and tried to help, and to some degree, successfully. But even if their efforts brought temporary relief to the hurting, the hunger for real life is obvious in the eyes of every person passing me by. Only He can fill the emptiness of heart with hope. Only He brings healing and restoration amidst chaos and destruction. Jesus alone gives strength to forgive, to choose to love, and to change.

“… and everyone who looks up to him, trusting and expectant, will gain a real life, eternal life.”

John 3:15