Finances can somehow be the bane of our existence. So much of our time, energy, thoughts, worries, and, ironically, money is spent on getting more money. Is there any freedom to be found within our financial lives?
For each of us our journey to finding a good way to live with this “Necessary Evil” (as one friend of mine calls it), “fun tickets” (another of my friends), this “almighty dollar”, crown, euro or peso or whatever you trade in, is to find the blessing in being radical givers and to learn to have a loose grip on the paper and a tight grip on the promises of God.
As a team we have just finished a fantastic series from called Being Rich (in what matters most). As a family we watched this series over a year ago. It really helped us to take a radical step forward in loosening our grip on the paper and holding firm to the blessings we have, and realizing we have “rich people opportunities.”