We have been ramping up for the last year planning and praying, planting and preparing. It is not an easy thing to take a step back from the thing you felt sure that Lord was leading you into, to ask what happened? Did we mis-hear God? This seems to be the first thing that comes up when what we hoped was going to happen changes.

For us this month it is realizing that what would have been the second Heart of Europe DTS in Czech Rep. is officially canceled. There are a few reasons we made this decision, the biggest of them being plainly that we lacked participants. I personally believe that God wanted and planned for this DTS to run. But it is still people that need to hear from God and say, “Yes. I will go!”

Another perspective is that in order to get us where we need to be, sometimes we need to work hard but not head directly at the mark. I have been watching a lot of sailing these last weeks as the Volvo Ocean Race is currently sailing around the world. As in sailing when you are heading for the windward mark in a regatta, you can’t simply point your bow strait to it and get there. You need to use the wind and make path, tacking off to the left or the right, zig zagging back and forth to reach your goal. I feel a bit like this in the wake of this canceled DTS, we still know what the mark is. (2 Tim 2:2) Our goal is making disciples and equipping others to do the same.

So using the same wind that we have been using all year we have tacked to port and are going to hold a series of weekend seminars for local Czech believers we are calling, Open Door Seminars. Giving the picture that to door is open to all to receive the same kind of teaching that one would receive on a DTS. I could write much more about this but more information will be online.

Please stand with us in prayer to see us round the mark.

And click here to learn more and sign up for our Open Door Seminars