I remember when I moved to the Czech Republic, to Prague, 7 years ago. I was throwing myself into a new and foreign culture but I was ready to take it on. A new adventure was waiting for me.

Soon I would meet my first “Goliath”. First, I only heard about “Him”. People told me that it’s not worth fighting against him. That “He” is too big, too strong. That it’s not worth the battle.

But I was courageous and I went into the battle field. I fought to learn the Czech language. Quickly disappointments and doubts were trying to scare me away. Why in the world should I learn this difficult language? “It’s too hard, too complicated.” “It’s not worth my time” or “I’ll be never able to do this”. My prayer always went like this: “Lord, if you teach me this abstract language, it will only be because of You, and for Your glory!”

Looking back, I’m so thankful for facing Goliath. It was God who gave me the strength, capability, humility and perseverance to finally speak Czech. And it was Him who connected me with so many precious hearts of people that I would have not been able to meet otherwise.

About four years ago, after we had moved to Cheb, we discovered a little statue of David, sitting on the head of Goliath in the centre of town. With any challenge facing us, it’s only in Jesus, that we are having the strength to overcome our “Goliaths”.