In January of 2014 I moved from California, USA to a nearby state, Montana, to attend a Christian school with Youth With A Mission, also known as “YWAM”. A few weeks before that I was chatting with a friend about wanting to go on an overseas mission trip. She told me of this international organization called Youth With A Mission. Immediately I said to myself “Youth?”. Being 21 years old, I felt that “Youth” With A Mission was probably more for high school kids and not for me. But I still went ahead and researched their programs online. Within ten minutes of scrolling through all that YWAM had to offer I was all in. Bible schools, English teaching ministry, sports ministry, children’s ministries and, most importantly for me at the time, their Discipleship Training School, which consisted of three months of in class lectures and a two month overseas mission trip!
April of 2014, I traveled on my first overseas mission trip to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With a team of eleven, including myself, we flew into the Czech Republic, also know as the “Heart of Europe”. We planned to spend two months in Cheb, Czech Republic, being led by the Holy Spirit. When we arrived I had no idea what my spiritual gifts were, nor did I know exactly why God brought me to this specific part of the world. But it didn’t take long for me hear the voice of God and begin taking my place in His army on the streets of Cheb.
We began our mission by partnering with the existing YWAM Cheb team in prayer and intercession seeking God’s heart and vision for the people of Cheb and the Czech Republic. God put the local churches and the street kids on my heart. Within the first two weeks of the outreach I was able to get connected with the leaders of a local Roma church. I was really intrigued by the Roma church’s history and their individual testimonies. They were the most close knit body of Christ I had ever met with such a compassion for their community. We were able to encourage each other’s faith and visions for the future greatly. I met a Slovakian brother around my age, named Tivadar, through one of the other local churches. When I told him of the passion God had given me to encourage and disciple the youth on the streets, he quickly informed me of a very similar vision he had for the last couple of years. Together we began meeting with the streets kids every day we could to play soccer or just chat about life and slowly began to share who God is with them. During my last couple of weeks in Cheb I had already began missing my new brothers and sisters in the churches and my new young friends in the park. I’ll never forget one of the little boys asking me, “When will you come back to Cheb?”. I didn’t have an answer, but I wanted to say soon. There was so much more I felt the Holy spirit was leading me to share with him and his friends.
Tonight I am once again sitting in YWAM Cheb’s team flat, blessed to share this testimony with you. As soon as I returned to California, I began fundraising and applying for my long term visa to return into the Czech Republic as a missionary. Left and right God opened doors only He could open this past year. I arrived about two weeks ago and I’m very greatful to be here again serving alongside YWAM Cheb. I’ve already connected with the Roma church, my brother Tivadar and the street kids. I’ve received multiple confirmations from the Holy Spirit that this is right where God wants me in this next season. It is evident that God has big plans to use this team in this small town in the Heart of Europe. What I just shared is only a small portion of the things God is doing in the Czech Republic through YWAM Cheb. Our heart is To know God and to make Him Known. Please join us in prayer as we seek this daily.

1 Timothy 4:12,13 Dont let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers: in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. Until I get there, focus on reading the Scriptures to the church , encouraging the believers, and teaching them.