I grew up in a very poor family in communist Czechoslovakia. But through my mom’s walk with God I got to witness His faithfulness in providing for us from very young age. There were random bags of clothes, food, and other necessities brought to our house in direct response to our prayers. There was the surprising gas bill refund one year that came right as some extra cash was needed for my dental work.

Growing up in church I got involved with King’s Kids (YWAM ministry to younger children and pre-teenagers) and when my mom payed, money would come right in time for me to be able to be a part of different short term mission trips. Because of these times my appetite for seeing God work miracles in seemingly impossible financial situations skyrocketed. As well my passion for seeing the nations introduced to His love.
No surprise then, after my high school graduation, I wanted to get a firm foundation for life-long mission work – I knew doing a Discipleship Training School with YWAM was a must for me! After praying and consulting a couple of friends, I decided for a school running in Denver, Colorado. Well, that’s long ways from Prague (where we lived then). And traveling that far would cost a lot of money. I mean, A LOT of money. And the DTS itself was just soooo expensive for a girl from Czech Rep! What was I thinking?!?

Somehow though, I knew God can and will provide for me – I mean, He is the One who called me, He is the Lord of my life, and aren’t all finances (whether I have it in my pocket or not) His?

Most people around me were more skeptical. They were “encouraging me” to set my hopes on something closer, more affordable, or altogether go for a more practical, “normal”, life…

I saved up for the plane ticket, and left with 738 USD, this money was mostly given to me by church friends. I need over 3500 USD just for the lecture phase, but then i still needed to go on outreach, and to have little extra for a half a year of living in the US.

5 korun 1983 vfUpon arrival, the DTS staff prayed over my situation, and given I was at a large, well establish base, they decided to sponsor my lecture my phase by lowering my tuition to 735 USD. Right on, God! Over the following three months I raised the 1000 USD for my outreach by prayerfully approaching friends that were already praying for me. And then God provided in small and big ways for every laundry load, every international phone call card (this was before Skype days), and every postal stamp, for simply everything. He is that good. Nothing is too small, or too big, or too impossible for God.

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