For a while now we have been searching for a established YWAM base to kind of adopt us, take us under their wing, to stand with us, and supports us while we are in this season of pioneering, and into becoming an established community of our own. Last year while attending a YWAM leadership gathering, I got talking with some leadership from a base in Norway. YWAM Grimerud! This base has been partnering with a few teams in “eastern” (former soviet)  Europe for a few years now. They really have a heart to see post christian Europe reached with the message of Jesus again. One of the strategies is to see YWAM teams equipped and grow into nation changing tools.

This is just the kind of partnership I have been seeking for the last few years to no avail. But God knows how to make the right connections. In May this year the base leader and two others came to see us in Cheb. During that time we agreed on a kind of formal relationship, and immediately started ideating all of the possibilities that this could bring to CZ and Europe. The first step in this relationship is to get to know each other better. For this we as a team are doing our best to all spend some time in Norway at their base this fall. Some can only go for a week or two, but at least four of us are going to be attending from Sep – Dec the School of Pioneering and Leadership (SOPL) beginning next week!

I am exited to be posting about what I am learning over the next 3 months. Stay tuned.