Trafficking and Sex Trade

Combatting Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a problem all around the world. Different statistics tell us that some 700 thousand to 2 million people a year are involved, 300 – 500 thousand in Europe. We don’t want to stay quiet about the destitute women and children enslaved in this illegal, anonymous industry. We refuse to have that be a normal part of the life of our town and the surrounding region. We want to see women working in prostitution restored to freedom and dignity. We hope for better future for their children. We believe in reconciliation of the nations, between individuals, as well as between an individual and God.

Some of the things we do to support victims and potential victims of human trafficking include:

  • prayer walks
  • worship in the streets
  • night club visits – making personal connections, giving out gifts, organizing concerts
  • visiting with women on the street – giving out gifts, tea or coffee, offering prayers
  • programs for kids on the street – games and crafts
  • giving out food and clothing to those in need

Awareness and Prevention

We are also very passionate about raising awareness of the risks of human trafficking.

There are many ways to raise awareness about the risks of Human Trafficking. At YWAM Cheb it is our goal to continue to get the word out about the risks that face young women (and men) today. We do this in many ways including:

  • regular visits to local children’s homes/orphanages
  • workshops educating about the issues of human trafficking
  • concerts and puppet shows
  • lectures and presentations in schools, churches and elsewhere

It is our goal to prevent more young women (and men) from falling victim to Human trafficking and lack awareness contributes to increased risk.

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