Open Door Seminar

Spring 2015, Youth With A Mission Cheb presented a series of weekend seminars:

The first Open door seminar is was Friday 27th February 2015.

In 2016 we are continuing this same teaching series. first one is Feb 27th 2016. Look to our FaceBook page for upcoming events!

The same great teaching that we offer in our Discipleship Training Schools will be made available in a condensed form for you.

Now though our Audio Podcasts! 

YWAM Cheb’s Open Door Seminars, are designed for those who:

  • are working and/or have families and schedules
  • want to make more tIme to encounter God, and to learn about his heart for the lost
  • want to learn about their identity in Christ
  • want to dig deep and examine the roots of our beliefs, and are they healthy?

You will receive teaching and prayer from people that have been serving in the mission field in all corners of the globe.

Come join us for a spring full of new growth in the spirit. Let that new growth change you, your family, your church, your town, and your nation, and to the ends of the earth.

Some of the topics will include:

Speakers such as:

  • Yohanan and Rachel Rempt, YWAM Central Europe Chairman, USA.  –  Topic  Relationships,
  • Joseph Watson YWAM International DTS Teacher, Tennessee, USA. – Topic, Identity, Destiny and Calling
  • Hoonie Park, Crown-bridge International , South Korea. –  Topic, Spiritual Warfare
  • Sean Griffin, YWAM Northern Ireland, Ireland, – Topic, Father Hart of God 
  • Tibor Lengyel, Professor of Political Science, Hungary/Austria  –  Topic, Biblical world view
  • Dan and Karen Sandler, Pastors Dwelling Place Church, Montana ,USA – Topic, Prophetic Identity
  • Al Akimoff, Director of YWAM Slavic Ministries, USA